Her Perfect Hero

Her Perfect Hero


Can any man match the romance she writes?


Romance writer Bronte Huntington has vowed she’ll never settle for anything less than ‘the one’…


A romantic comedy for anyone who’s ever searched for the perfect man – and failed to find him!


Previously released as I NEED A HERO

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A comic romance about what really matters.


Romance writer Bronte Huntington is sure she’ll find her perfect hero someday… he’s just been held up for a while.


When she’s rescued by the debonair Sebastian Fairfax, heir to the Fenworth Estate, she thinks her dream has finally come true. Sebastian’s dashing, handsome and… well… a tiny bit boring and self-absorbed if Bronte were completely honest with herself.


Can’t she see there’s a much better prospect closer to home – her new neighbour, the rather ordinary, down-to-earth Ryan? He’s kind, funny and sweet, and they’ve plenty in common. But she’s adamant she’ll only settle for a fairytale romance.


Will Bronte open her eyes and heart to what’s staring her in the face? Her perfect hero.


Previously released as I NEED A HERO