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  • Goodness, it’s been a while since I’ve updated! In my defence, I have been very busy! My revamped website is looking fantastic and has had a complete make-over to ensure it’s super swanky with slideshows, fade outs and EVERYTHING. All annoying gremlins have, I hope, been eliminated; many thanks to the readers who dutifully played around on the site for me and helped catch them! You’ve been brilliant. Personally, I love finding out more about my favourite authors, their news, what inspires them especially, and even what they actually enjoy reading

  • As any writer knows, other commitments, be they children, other jobs or any other of the many, many things which take up our time daily, do tend to get in the way of valuable writing time. It's sometimes incredibly hard to carve out the creative periods you need, especially at the exact point you need them. For me, it's often a case of having to grab a little bit of writing time when I can - whilst waiting for one of my children to finish an activity, or as I'm cooking

  • I'm sure pretty much every writer would agree that STARTING writing a new book is the easy bit, it's actually getting that manuscript finished that's tough, particularly when the initial excitement of the new idea wanes a little. It certainly doesn't help that life has a nasty habit of getting in the way of writing. Here are some tips I've picked up, I hope aspiring authors will find them helpful. 1: Make as detailed a plan of your storyline as you possibly can before you actually start 'writing'. The plan can

  • Nowadays social media means it's wonderfully easy to find out all sorts of things about your favourite authors. You can see photos of their cats and dogs, their homes, their children

  • Often one of the biggest hurdles facing aspiring authors isn't lack of inspiration or even talent, it's just finding the time to fit a decent amount of writing in, and let's face it, an unfinished manuscript isn't much use to anyone. For someone who's already a professional author, and is hopefully being paid good money to write, it's their job, they can write 9 til 5, or whatever hours they choose. But it's not so easy for those unpublished, or not-quite-making-enough-to-give-up-their-day-jobs writers. Even the most dedicated writer will have times when

  • Romantic fiction is often given a bad press - it's seen as too pink, too light, and too predictable, but I firmly disagree. Here's why I decided to write romance, and why I'm very proud to be an author of this genre. I'd never read a 'proper' romance until I was introduced to them by my mother-in-law - she's a bit of a Mills and Boon fanatic, and has shelves and shelves full of romance novels. I'd just had my first baby and was looking for something to flick through whilst

  • I'm of the mind that every successful writer needs a decent place to write. Whether that's in their home, a local coffee shop or library

  • When my publisher, Joffe Books, showed me the cover they’d designed for the eBook version of my romance ‘The Green Hills of Home’, I loved it. The young couple, gazing into one another’s eyes against a rural backdrop looked perfect for my book. Little did I know at the time that there was a real romance going on in the photo being used! A couple of months ago I was emailed by an Italian male model. I suspect this will be the only time in my life I will ever be

  • I was offered a contract with my first publishers after I'd self-published by first romance, 'The Green Hills of Home'. I’d been emailing back and forth for a little while with an editor so it shouldn’t have seemed completely unexpected, but it felt it at the time! There are so many stories of authors struggling for years and years to get published that I think there was always part of me imagining it would be the same for me. My book deal moment came as I was busy cooking supper for

  • I was born in London, and grew up and went to university there. I considered myself a city girl through and through. I can’t remember owning a pair of wellies past the age of 5. But then I met my husband, a Welshman who was just starting his Phd at Swansea University, and I upped sticks to Wales to be with him. Though we started out living in a city, our home was practically on the beach, so it felt very different from London life. It wasn’t long before we moved

  • Oh the irony of being asked to write this guest post! It still pains me to recall the hours, no, the days, of agony I experienced due to NOT planning effectively whilst writing my debut novel 'The Green Hills of Home'! Inspired and carefree, I rattled off thousands of glorious words of prose as they came to me. I was delighted at how organised I was being, making use of tiny snippets of time to write little scenes or, more often, parts of scenes. Typing up my handwritten notes, I'd slot

  • I certainly didn’t find writing my first romance, ‘The Green Hills of Home’, a quick and easy task! It was very much a labour of love, but one that I was absolutely determined to finish. Before starting ‘The Green Hills of Home' I'd written a few short stories and some stuff for children in my spare time, but obviously writing a whole novel was going to be a real challenge. However, I had a great plot in mind and couldn't wait to get stuck in. The words came easily to begin with,