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Snowed in for her Wedding

by Emma Bennet

Snowed in for her Wedding by Emma Bennet

'It should be the perfect wedding day . . . But has Gwen’s groom got cold feet and will he make it through the snow in time?

A lovely Christmas romance short read that you won’t want to put down Christmas is coming to the little Welsh town of Tonnadulais, and the much-loved characters from ‘The Green Hills of Home.’ But this year it’s somewhat overshadowed by a rather special wedding taking place on Christmas Eve.

Local girl Gwen Jones is finally marrying her man, London publisher John Thatcher, and she couldn’t be happier. Though as her friends and beloved mother help her prepare for the big day, Gwen can’t suppress the little nagging doubt that John shouldn’t still be stuck working in London the day before their wedding. Has the city boy changed his mind about marrying his country girl?

When a huge snow storm hits, it seems John might not to be able to make it back to her, whether he wants to or not.

Join Gwen, John, and Oscar the dog, in this Christmassy treat guaranteed to get you in the festive spirit!'

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On the day before her wedding, Gwen awoke to discover a thick blanket of snow covering everything outside. She smiled, immediately taken back to the excitement she’d felt as a child on a snowy morning.

The landscape she knew so well looked alien. Unknown terrain just waiting to be discovered.

She went downstairs with Oscar and pulled on her wellies so they could venture out and explore, but as she was reaching for her hat, the phone rang and she stopped to answer it.

“Hey, it’s Sarah. Have you seen the snow?”

“Oh yes, it’s gorgeous, isn’t it? Oscar and I were just going out for a bit of a stomp.”

Gwen heard the hesitation down the line before Sarah replied, “Aren’t you worried about people getting to the wedding?”

“Nah, it won’t settle properly, it’ll probably be all gone by tomorrow,” replied Gwen.

“I’m not so sure: have you seen how deep it is? Is John on his way back from London? “

“I’ll call him in a minute to check. I haven’t heard from him yet today.”

“Well, okay. I’ll see you this evening! I’ll give Owen a hand with the girls’ bath and then I’ll be over. I have wine and pizza!”


Gwen put down the house phone and dug her mobile out from the bottom of her bag. There was a missed call from John. He must have been trying to reach her while she was speaking to Sarah; the ringtone was switched off. At some point she’d really have to sit down with the instruction booklet and work out how to use the silly thing properly!

She called him back.

“Hey you.”


“I had a missed call from you, sorry, I was chatting to Sarah about her sleeping over tonight. What time are you leaving?”

“That’s what I was calling to speak to you about. I won’t be coming back today.”

“What do you mean?” said Gwen quickly, her heart jumping into her mouth, “Is something the matter?” Have you changed your mind? she added silently to herself. Had he decided she wasn’t good enough for him after all? Wasn’t sophisticated enough for him? Once these silly thoughts, that she hadn't ever really bothered to countenance before, were out there, it was impossible to rein them back in.

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